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With a crazy bullying scandal in the Miami Dolphins locker room becoming public, more information is coming out about this very secret culture within the NFL. Former players are starting to recount their very coarse experiences and the stories will surprise you.

According to Dolphins offensive lineman Jonathan Martin, his fellow teammate Richie Incognito put him through a very abusive time during his rookie season. Martin voluntarily left the team and Incognito was suspended indefinitely once the news hit.

Since then different NFL personnel have come forward with their stories about hazing, bullying and playing with Richie Incognito. The Los Angeles Times interviewed former players Cam Cleeland and Kyle Turley respectively to discuss their time in the league which includes broken bones, coaching negligence and a lot of blood on the hands of Incognito, allegedly.

Here are 10 things we learned about bullying in the NFL from the LA Times article & more. Let us know who you think is to blame in the comments section.

Photos: Youtube, Sportsgrid, Huffington Post, Sports Illustrated, USA Today,

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