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When it comes to battle rapping, participants are supposed to have thick skin. The combination of pumped adrenaline and crowd reactions can eschew a ton of emotions MCs may not be ready for.

Now in the case of female battle rappers, there’s a lot more pride on the line. Women in Hip-Hop are disrespected enough as it is and many fans feel like they may not belong. So the stakes are definitely high.

That being said, throw all your conventional wisdom about gender guidelines out the window after viewing the latest struggle cypher to come out of Columbus, OH.

To summarize, Shay was battling Lady Dee in a post-Smack DVD era and she seemingly struck out in every category (“oohs and aahs” from onlookers and according to the reaction, looks department, per crowd reaction).

Awash with the debilitating effects of the struggle, she pulled an ultimate no-no in the rap underworld: she went the Worldstar route.

What may have seemed like a good idea turned out to be a lethal mistake as Lady Dee, apparent victor and gooned-up patron, unleashed the rapid-fire B-button attacks with the rest of her “hittas.”

After the crowd got their fill, and the weave pulling had ceased, Lady Dee reminded Shay of her treason, “Don’t you ever steal on me. B*tch.”

Nothing appeared to be broken in the studio nor was anything learned from the “Mad Cuz I’m Stylin’ On You” flow. For shame.

Hit the flip to check the comedy on the next page. All in all, Lady Dee got two wins that night.

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