Forgiveness Is For Real Men

On 2000’s The Dynasty: Roc La Familia, Beanie Sigel and Jay unleashed a scathing record directed at their fathers, respectively. Jigga had always hinted at the disdain towards his pops but this was definitely a “wit’s end” moment. The subject matter on “Where Have You Been” reflected the reality for thousands of African-Americans who grew up without a male figure in their home. As the years leading up to The Black Album rolled by, the two reconciled but it wasn’t meant to be. Adnes Reeves passed away before the release of his son’s alleged swan song. Instead of harboring the hate, he used the opportunity as means for catharsis. It was the dawning of a man who would go on to be a husband, father and provider for his family.

And that’s 10 Reasons how The Black Album Changed Game.

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