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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is embracing the struggle and becoming a rockstar as a result. Barely a few days removed from his shocking cunnilingus revelation to the media, Ford arrived to a regular season Tornoto Argonauts game, ignoring the behest of the league’s commissioner to stay away.

Due to his recent attention in the media, Ford caused quite a ruckus when he arrived in the stadium at the beginning of the second half. The embattled politician was treated like a celebrity while wearing the hometown Argonauts’ jersey.

Reports CBC:

Ford posed for pictures and hugged fellow spectators before taking a seat near a rival fan with a sign stating “Our mayor’s better than yours,” while those sitting behind him looked angry at having their view blocked by the commotion.

He was mobbed by people who mostly seemed supportive as he left the game.

Ford sounded a defiant tone in an interview with U.S. Fox News recorded just before the game, appearing unbowed at the prospect of a special city council meeting on Monday to vote on a motion further stripping away his mayoral authority.

Earlier in the month, Ford made headlines when he admitted to smoking crack cocaine. Despite the controversy, he still maintains that he’s the best man for the job.

“I’m going to continue to fight for the little guy,” Ford told Fox Sports. “I’m going to continue to save taxpayers money. And if the councillors want to strip all my powers, that’s up to them.”

Despite the loss to the visiting Hamilton Tiger-Cats, the Argonauts should consider producing Rob Ford football jerseys as long he’s hogging the spotlight. Hit up the gallery to see how a mayor gets down at a sporting event.

Photo: CBC, Twitter

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