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Rappers have no qualms in promoting alcoholic beverages but just like he’s been known to do in every facet of his career, Murs is daring to be different.

The West Coast rapper whose albums include The Final Adventure and This Generation with fellow Cali native Fashawn, recently combined his talents with a bit of marketing for Reed’s Inc. Kombucha beverage. Opposed to sodas and other colas, Kombucha is an organic drink that’s brewed with spring water. The flavors include Goji Ginger, Cabernet Grape, Hibiscus Ginger Grapefruit and Coconut Lime.

Joining him on the campaign is DJ Dave a.k.a. the guy who made the “Whole Foods” parody song.

The promo song comes off a little corny but you can count the number of healthy things rappers promote on one hand, so a pass is generated. You’ll also know how to pronounce the name fluently after just one listen. It’s also available for free download via Reed’s Facebook page.

More information about the buzzworthy drink can be found at Flip through to see Murs putting his taste buds where his endorsements lie and watch the “Thass Kombucha” video.

Photo: Cashmere

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