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Despite a well-attended weekend rally to save Queens graffiti mecca 5 Pointz , walls at the colorful and sprawling structure were painted white overnight. Earlier this year, New York officials cleared developers to build a luxury housing complex and it appears steps are underway to start the process.

For two decades, 5 Pointz was a haven for graffiti artists and fans of the genre. Artists and supporters put up a good fight to try and get the destination named as a historical landmark, but the owners of the building have decided to press forward. Jerry and David Wolkoff have allowed artists to paint their buildings at the “aerosol art center” and promise to make a space for artists in their new development.

Despite the Wolkoffs’ good will over the years, the 5 Pointz family has shown measurable anger over the buildings being painted over and have little ability to stop the legally mandated construction to come.

“5 pointz is gone, painted white overnight by the owner ..with police protection,” read a tweet from the 5 Pointz account.

They added, “I can guarantee u that their was no permit from the departement of building and for the lift to be used overnight but who cares?”

Check out photos of the painting over of 5 Pointz on the following pages.


Photos: Instagram

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