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Arsenio Hall hinted that his reunion with Eddie Murphy one would be an enjoyable one and the man told no lies.

While his former Coming to America sat in on the brand new Arsenio, Mr. Hall did some quick recollecting and gave a grand proclamation.

“You know this is the 25-year anniversary of Coming to America?,” while the crowd raved on.

Released in 1988, Coming to America remains a personal favorite for many Murphy fans and most hail it as the funniest movie they have every laid eyes on. It was directed by John Landis who had made history a few years prior by directing the music video supreme to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

Eddie Murphy’s memories of the classic comedy weren’t restricted to just what took place on screen.

Apparently his portrayal of an African prince caused a few individuals who were really about that Zamuda lifestyle to react when they saw him in public.

“When Coming to America came out, there were a bunch of lawsuits…with guys who claimed to be this and that. I’d be up in the club and this African dude would run up on me like, ‘I am the real prince! You stole my life from me!!!'”

Pure hilarity. Watch the video below and ponder what life would be like if we were blessed with a Coming to America 2 after all these years.

The time away didn’t affect The Best Man, no?

Photo: AOL