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Rapper/actress Eve, who is usually known for her work in music alongside the Ruff Ryders, may find herself pulled into legal action as the U.S. Senate is investigating the movement of millions of foreign dollar through the American financial system, according to a recent government report.

The rapper has reportedly been in an on and off again relationship with Teodori Nguema Obiang, who investigators have been tracking for the past three years tracking money that has been circulating into the United Stated from his account.

Obiang is the son of President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo of Equatorial Guinea, who has his own shady history being known as a corrupt dictator for the past three decades.

There is speculation that the millions surfacing came as a result of the corruption that existed in Equatorial Guinea pertaining to massive oil and gas reserves.

It is believed by investigators that Obiang utilized people such as lawyers, real estae agents and Eve, legally Eve Jeffers, to set up shell companies throughout the country.  From these alleged sources, he was able to electronically transfer funds to purchases luxury vehicles, a Malibu estate priced around $30 million along with making a down payment on a Gulfstream jet.

Eve has been named as the president of what many have come to believe as a shell company.  Named “Sweet Pink, Inc”, authorities believe was established “to employ individuals at the home [Obiang] maintained before he purchased the Malibu Property and to handle payroll and other matters related to the employment of those individuals,” according to the report released

Obiang has also set up a record label and spent a reported $700,000 to rent Microsoft billionaire Paul Allens’s yacht Tatoosh for an outing with Eve, but it is unclear is the funds wired were used for such purchases.

There has been no word from Eve or her publicist as the relationship of her and Obiang is still unclear.

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