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The Kanye West backlash and pile on is getting intense, but this one is just too easy to pass up on. Despite going on radio and telling folks not to buy Louis Vuitton until after Janaury as a demonstration of his “influence” (we’re guessing about seven people, two of whom would have used a stolen credit card number, actually listened), Yeezy was spotted rocking the pricey bags in NYC yesterday.

Reports TMZ:

Do as Yeezy says, not as Yeezy does — because Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were traipsing around NYC with a bunch of Louis Vuitton bags last night … just one day after the rapper called for a boycott on the designer label.

As we reported, Ye went on a New York radio station Monday and ordered NYC not to purchase LV until after January … because he’s pissed the label head refused to meet with him in Paris recently.

But last night, even Kanye couldn’t resist Louis’ supple leather … meandering around NYC while faithful handlers lugged his and Kim’s LV bags.

Caught up in the moment, right? ‘Cause it’s Louis Vuitton Don night.

Add this to the ever growing list of Yeezy contradictions.

But hey, to be fair, the Louis Vuitton Don didn’t say throw out the LV bags you already have. So this doesn’t really count, right?

Also, telling people not to buy a highly coveted brand as Louis Vuitton during the holiday season is comical. Check out the incriminating pics on the next pages.


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