9-Year-Old Dies After State Accidentally Takes Away Medicaid


A 9-year-old boy from Denver, Colorado died from a severe asthma attack after the state mistakenly took away his Medicaid.

Zumante Lucero died in July after his parents say the state mistakenly cut them off from the program, and could not get access to medication.

Doctors say that if he had access to his prescriptions it could have saved his life.

Now a group of lawyers is considering suing the state of Colorado for the child’s death.

The young boy’s mother says she called Denver Human Services every day for months to make sure her family was covered and was reassured that they were.

However when trying to buy drugs for her children she says that pharmacists could not find the family’s name in their computer registries.

The pattern ultimately continued until the boy’s death in July.

If taken to court, the state will be sued for “rampant flaws in its benefits management system.”

Officials say that there have been numerous errors in the computer system since its installation in 2004 and someone has yet to fix it.

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