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With all the festivities this past Thanksgiving brought to the entertainment realm, apparently everyone forgot Spike Lee had a movie out. Despite solid reviews on Metacritic, Lee’s remake of 2004’s Oldboy only managed to muster up $850K over the holiday weekend, an average of just $1,458 in the 583 theaters it was shown in.

Reports Business Insider:

The film may have opened in 583 theaters this weekend, but, in comparison, “Dallas Buyers Club” in 696 theaters has made nearly $2.6 million in one weekend.

It probably didn’t help that right before release an artist came out claiming Spike Lee stole his artwork for the film and presented it as his own. Though Lee dismissed the claims, people across social media were angered, smearing the film’s FB page with notes to boycott.

Despite that, both “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” and Disney’s latest, “Frozen” helped set a new record for the box office Thanksgiving weekend. Both movies combined made more than $200 million over the course of five days.

The movie cost $30 million dollars for FilmDistrict, the independent company which funded the film.

There was also an explicit trailer released and Spike himself, took to the Internets to raise awareness of the need for support of indie films.

Still, $29M is a big brick to swallow. Somebody better make sure the Blu-Ray comes with a cure for cancer.

Since the odds say you didn’t see the film, hit the gallery for high-resolution pics of feature and a mini-cominc, whose stars include Samuel L. Jackson, Josh Brolin and Elizabeth Olsen.

Photo: Facebook, EURNews

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