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Honestly speaking, Drake does this to himself. The Toronto rapper announced yesterday that he has partnered with Jordan Brand. So of course the emotionally reflective MC aligning with the house that Michael Jordan built has inspired incredible slander.

You can’t deny Drake is a top notch lyricist. However, his dedication to creating soft rap ballads and being in tune with his feelings mean anything he does will inspire comedy that pokes fun at his emo rapper tendencies. So the Internets, with the aid of PhotoShop like apps and slick commentary, has gone Four Loko making fun of the “Take Care” rapper’s potential design inspirations.

From what Kanye West may be thinking to utilizing the images of Michael Jordan to Drake’s faux-Jordan past, the jokes are flowing like JB retro releases.

Check out the 10 most hilariously slanderous Drake partners with Jordan Brand memes on the following pages. First things first, Jordan Brand never made Vs in this colorway, though.

Photo: Instagram

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