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“In NO way did i ever think that this was some cruel insensitive joke on behalf of Jeff Zucker and his comrades at NBC…”

After Roots drummer ?uestlove posted a picture on Twitter showing NBC network’s dinner menu in honor of Black History month, the Internet was up in uproar with cries of stereotyping and profiling.

As previously reported the menu in question offered fried chicken, collard greens and jalapeno cornbread in “honor” of the month and according to the chef who cooked it, Leslie Calhoun, not meant to be offensive.

Standing up for Calhoun ?uestLove says the picture of the menu he posted was meant to be “all in fun” and released a statement saying,

When i saw the sign i have to admit….i was DYING. like literally LMAO!!! maybe it was juxtaposition of the words: collard & history, jalapeno & honor, fried, black and nbc?? maybe it was the acculturative stress of having 28 days for this food that represents you but come march…pot roast for life kid!

Whatever the case, I found this funny and when I find something funny I like to let the world in on the joke (twitpic anyone??). in NO way did i ever think that this was some cruel insensitive joke on behalf of jeff zucker and his comrades at nbc (the cafeteria isn’t even owned or operated by nbc).

Speaking on Calhoun specifically, ?uest says that he sees where she was coming from but noted how the entire thing could be taken out of context. Ending the statement with sarcasm, he also adds that’s what’s funnier than the menu is the thought of race issues in “post racial America.”

“I kinda get where leslie calhoun (our culinary rosa parks) was coming from; fried chicken as a fragrant, tasty, honorable metaphor for the struggles and accomplishments of america’s black masses.

The problem the blogosphere, things can take on a life of their own….. my twitpic was just me poking fun, a Questlove still life that was clearly intended as a joke. What’s even funnier: race issues in post racial America. Potluck anyone?????”

He finished his statement with a picture of himself and Chef Calhoun after he presented her with flowers and spa gift certificate for her troubles.