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“He kneeled down and he started touching my boobs and talking about how nice they were.”

Here comes yet another instance in which the long arm of justice is doing their part in abusing their power as a police officer in Florida has been arrested and there are allegations that he groped a woman’s breast and tried to squeeze the milk from her breast.

Occurring in December, the 21-year-old female victim gave her account of a night in Orlando at a club known as Firestone where the cop, working off-duty, took advantage of his badge, proceeded to escort her to a dark alley and molest her boob.

According to the officer, he was trying to sober her up.

Wouldn’t want a baby getting drunk off breast milk now would we?

Although it is a known fact that some officers abuse the power of the badge, doesn’t the victim sound a little too shaky with her story and a bit confused with trying to tell what actually happened?

The officer was relieved of duty December 17 and has been criminally charged with false imprisonment and battery.