Late night TV talk shows are like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get.

Tom Hanks was featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, December 11 to promote his new movie Saving Mr. Banks.

Since it is indeed the holiday season, the segments take on a particular theme with no chill to the usual dose of silliness.

After selecting an audience member at random, Mr. Hanks realizes that Santa always needs a helper and declares the audience, “Why don’t we bring out my good friend, Wiz Khalifa.”

The middle-aged Rebecca from Virginia didn’t really know who he was but the audience gave him a rousing ovation. With Christmas still a couple of weeks away, unfortunately the superstar rapper must have found some early coal in his stocking because he checked his holiday grins at the door.

Or maybe forgot to take his medicine?

Whatever the case, getting on your knees in an elf costume definitely isn’t gangsta in the Blacc Hollywood streets and Grinch Khalifa begrudgingly ran through the skit, eventually flashing a smile towards the end.

His life, our entertainment. Watch the video at the expense of Wiz’s sanity below.

Photo: YouTube

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