Tom Hanks

After announcing that she and her husband, legendary actor Tom Hanks, had tested positive for the coronavirus last month, singer and actress Rita Wilson made headlines after recording herself rapping Naughty By Nature‘s breakout hit, “Hip Hop Hooray.” Now Wilson is back but this time she’s teaming up with the renowned group for a great […]

Cardi B is known for speaking her mind, regardless of who’s upset. So when the Bronx bred rapper took to Instagram Live with her conspiracy theory about the Coronavirus and celebrities testing positive––Idris Elba decided to respond to it.

The couple has been on the Island nation for three weeks while Tom Hanks is filming for an upcoming Elvis Presley biopic. Their son, Chet Hanks, says he's spoken to his family and that they're recovering.

For those who didn’t know, Tom Hanks has a son, he’s a rapper and apparently, he loves Jamaican culture so much he felt the need to Patois on display, while on the Golden Globes red carpet.


Tom Hanks was traded to the Black delegation long ago, and a new photo only confirms the smartness of the decision. A black and white photo of the movie star rocking a beard was all that was needed to get Black Twitter theorizing if Hanks has any Black ancestors and to send warning signals out […]


The first trailer for Mr. Rogers’ A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood starring Tom Hanks as the beloved Fred McFeely Rogers has arrived. Yes, it’ll have you in your feelings.

Toy Story 4 is about to drop, and Disney was probably excited to see that the 4th and final film in the famed Pixar franchise’s stars Tim Allen and Tom Hanks are trending. Unfortunately for them, it has nothing to do with the animated movie.

Chet Haze has seen the error of his ways. The son of Tom Hanks is saying drug abuse led him to use Hip-Hop’s favorite racial slur.

Tom Hanks sporting Mister Rogers’ iconic red cardigan and skippies in an upcoming movie? Take our money now and give Hanks all the awards. 

Tom Hanks applied his award-winning acting chops to the best of his ability and channeled a hilarious character meant to embody the supporters of Donald Trump‘s presidential race. During a skit segment titled “Black Jeopardy,” Hanks made the most of the moment and nailed the impersonation with ease.

The struggle rapping son of Tom Hank went to rehab, and now he’s sorry for using the n-word. Chet Haze received treatment for a cocaine addiction that was clogging up his nostrils and overall good judgement.

Chet Haze is asking for attention and quite possibly a lot of other things with his crusade to breakthrough as a white “rapper” possessing a pass to say the n-word. The spawn of the famous Hollywood couple Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson says even their warnings can’t prevent him from keeping it real.