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Tom Hanks applied his award-winning acting chops to the best of his ability and channeled a hilarious character meant to embody the supporters of Donald Trump‘s presidential race. During a skit segment titled “Black Jeopardy,” Hanks made the most of the moment and nailed the impersonation with ease.

SNL troupe member Keenan Thompson played the show’s host, Darnell Hayes, and fellow cast members Sasheer Zamata and Leslie Jones rounded out the rest of the skit. Hanks, playing the character of Doug, effortlessly put on a southern drawl complete with the tattered jean jacket and “Make America Great Again” cap to boot. While Doug surprises Darnell with his answers, even to the point of getting a personal handshake congratulations that almost went wrong, it’s the self-awareness of Doug that takes the skit over the top.

We won’t try to recap the entire skit, but check out Tom Hanks spoof Trump supporters and make a solid political point to boot in the video below courtesy of NBC’s Saturday Night Live. Hopefully, Hanks’ son, Chet, has unleashed himself from the struggle and watched his dad in action.

Photo: NBC