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You did it again Scandal. You did it again.

On last night’s (Dec. 12) episode titled, “A Door Marked Exit,” just about everybody imploded in their own separate corners, starting with Vice President Sally Langston. She opened the show’s winter finale by stabbing up her secretly gay husband Daniel Douglas. Then she called Cyrus to confess, and to get his help.

Cy is pretty shady so he had no problem handling the situation. He kept it calm, thought up a “heart attack” lie, and made it home in time to antagonize his better half.

It’s safe to say that this dude this dude has zero morals left.

He constructs a plan to make sure Langston gets off and which she willingly goes along with  because she too is without morals. Also, she can forget about running for president at this point. Nobody’s interested.

Meanwhile, Olivia Pope exposed her mother as a fraud and now she wants payback.

It’s going down in February.


Photos: ABC

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