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Joaquin Phoenix may have dominated the screen while playing role of the Joker, but when it comes to stepping up and being an ally to people of color facing inequality, he’s nothing but serious.

Looks like Chris Rock‘s 2007 film I Think I Love My Wife was a semi-autobiography.

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Never in her 20-plus year career has Kerry Washington’s star shone brighter. She’s been featured in over 40 films and is currently riding high on the success of her smash TV series Scandal, but had it been up to a couple of typecasting Hollywood execs, Kerry would’ve been shuckin’ and jivin’ her way to relevance.

Black Hollywood will come together this weekend to celebrate some of its brightest starts. The first American Black Film Festival is gearing up to debut in Los Angeles Sunday (Feb. 21), with host Mike Epps.

If you had your eyeballs locked in last night’s Emmy Awards, chances are you caught the newest Apple Music commercial starring some serious Black Girls Rock star power in Mary J. Blige, Kerry Washington & Taraji P. Henson.

While some of the initial madness has died down, Scandal is still a television powerhouse. The show boasts a diverse cast, reality-inspired plot lines, and your lady might have legit beef if you turn the channel while it’s on.

Okay, so last night’s (Feb. 12) episode of Scandal was a little on the awkward side. We have Olivia Pope, the sole Black woman in Washington D.C. apparently  — besides her mother — held captive by a trigger-happy White guys only to be sold to the highest bidder.

Columbus Short will not be coming back to ABC’s Scandal next season. The 31-year-old actor was fired from his gig at the top-rated drama series in wake of his personal problems with his wife.

Last night’s Scandal finale was definitely explosive, but not nearly as shocking as in seasons past. That said, at least a couple of people died, and two other characters ran away together [SPOILERS AHEAD!].

Somebody big has to die on Scandal, who should it be? Our pick is Quinn, but it’s not looking like that wish is going to be fulfilled.

What do you do when you’re married boyfriend is mistreating you and your fake boyfriend just wants to be saved? Call Huck and have him shut down B316.

Guess what? President Fitz still loves his wife, even though he probably won’t stop cheating on her.