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Last night’s Scandal finale was definitely explosive, but not nearly as shocking as in seasons past. That said, at least a couple of people died, and two other characters ran away together [SPOILERS AHEAD!].

First, the bad news. The people who died didn’t really matter on the show anyway, they were basically dead weight (pun intended).

The episode started out with a funeral bomb predicament that could’ve been a promising opportunity for a massacre, but that did’t happen. The person that should have definitely died (Sally Langston)  became Jesus, and tended to the wounded people outside the church — but it wall just once big publicity stunt.

Then there was all the one-upping. Olivia Pope tried to quit the campaign, so the Fitz did her one better. He said he wanted her to pop out his babies. The next thing you know, Liv’s telling him that his wife got raped by his dad. As you can imagine, things as you can imagine got a little tense.

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