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Guess what? President Fitz still loves his wife, even though he probably won’t stop cheating on her.

On last night’s (March 27) episode of Scandal we learned that Fitz can dish it but he definitely can’t take it.

Meanwhile, the older Fitzgerald children were forced to visit the White House , and it was a total disaster. It turns out they would rather be banished back to boarding school than have their parent’s invade their precious, precious privacy. Go figure.

We also found out that Fitz’s children hate him (they took it to Twitter, so you know it’s real). Luckily, he’s not alone because they also  hate Mellie since she too is an adulterer.

Speaking of which, Mellie is no longer trying to hide her affair with Fitz’s running mate and he’s (understandably) mad about things. He confronted Mellie, yet he’s not extremely upset that she’s cheating,  he’s was more angry to about the fact that she’s not actually dead on the inside, she just doesn’t want to let him in the smash circle.

And by the way, Olivia heard this entire exchange go down, so now her life is in a weird place. As if it wasn’t already.

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Photos: Twitter, Instagram, ABC

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