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Somebody big has to die on Scandal, who should it be? Our pick is Quinn, but it’s not looking like that wish is going to be fulfilled.

On last night’s (April 10) episode of Olivia Pope  continued with  the most awkward political threesome of all time, only this go ’round she earned the merit badge equivalent of a notable side chick honor: putting your life on the line to save your married lover.

Fitz is running for re-election and he’s losing in the polls, he’ll do anything to stay in the race — even if it means getting blown up in Ohio in the process. Ohio is a very important state to win in a presidential election, which is exactly why he was willing to sit in a building with a bomb (only, there was no bomb) to grab those votes.

Of course, Fitz didn’t actually die last night, somebody else did. This week’s casualty was  Mama Pope’s one true love and she basically ordered the hit.

Meanwhile, B316 is kind of back together, even though Liv shut it down. There was also a Maury Povich moment, and some other weird sh*t to get your excited for next week’s finale.

Check out the highlights in the gallery below.

Photos: Instagram/ Twitter/ABC

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