scandal recap

The Scandal winter finale got heated last night (Nov. 20), once again leaving Olivia Pope’s future hanging in the balance. At the start of the season she was resting up on an island with her resident side biscuit, Jake Ballard, now she’s gone again.

Jake Ballard is in a whole lot of  trouble at the moment. He’s being framed for murdering the president’s son.

Somebody go get Cyrus a cool beverage, and while you’re back there, pick one up for Fitz too. These dudes are so thirsty, they’re dehydrated.

Well, well, well look what we have here? Olivia Pope  is back from relaxing on an island “100 miles” off the coast of Zanzibar.

Somebody big has to die on Scandal, who should it be? Our pick is Quinn, but it’s not looking like that wish is going to be fulfilled.

Jake Ballard is drunk with power, and nothing or no one –not Olivia Pope — will stop him. Last night we watched JB, and his black p-coast, do some real damage. [SPOILERS AHEAD.]

Olivia Pope needs to do something about her inner circle, because it’s breaking all the way down. And who’s to blame? The man closest to her heart: el presidente.