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Jake Ballard is drunk with power, and nothing or no one –not Olivia Pope — will stop him. Last night we watched JB, and his black p-coast, do some real damage. [SPOILERS AHEAD.]

There are two essential things to know about Scandal episode #313 : Sally Langston is all the way lost, and Jake takes his job extra seriously.

With all that he has on his plate, he still manages to hit every item on his checklist. He recited a B613 mission statement, started selling fake paper from a fake company, set up ground rules for his click (which means no more freelance killing gigs), pretended to be Olivia Pope’s boyfriend, and went on an awkward town car ride with her dad.

The climax of crazy came in the last few minutes of episode #313. Jake ran up on  James, David Rosen, plus two other members of their secret society, and started unloading bullets in foreheads. We don’t know the identity of the last person shot but it was either Rosen, James , or maybe nobody at all.

Everything could change in a week.

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