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Well, well, well look what we have here? Olivia Pope  is back from relaxing on an island “100 miles” off the coast of Zanzibar.

The Gladiators mounted up for last night’s (Sept. 25) season 4 opener of Scandal. In short, mostly everyone’s life is going pretty smoothly until Liv jumps on a flight  away from solitude, and back to work (aka, chaos) like she never left.

A good portion of the gang  –including Quinn, minus Harrison– is back too. They’ve all been patiently awaiting Liv’s return, although they won’t admit it.

Liv’s task this week is to plan a funeral for Harrison, get everybody back together for said funeral, and solve a sexual assault scandal. It’s a good thing she knows how to multi-task.

Hit the gallery for more highlights.


Photo: ABC

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