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Olivia Pope needs to do something about her inner circle, because it’s breaking all the way down. And who’s to blame? The man closest to her heart: el presidente.

Last night’s (Nov. 7) episode “Icarus,” opened with a flashback to a 12-year-old Pope and her mom, who later died in what was thought to be an airplane crash (obvious cover up) but really centered around “Operation Remington” and President Fitzgerald.

From the looks of it, Pope can’t trust anyone, including Fitz who flew the plane any maybe even shot down the aircraft carrying her mother and over 320 other people. Now that Pope knows that Fitz had something to do with it, her world is coming apart at the seams.

Like a true professional though, she’s channeling the sadness of betrayal into her gig with Josie Marcus (who fired her last week, but then hired her again). Essentially Pope wants to make Marcus into a pit bull in a skirt (or pants suit), so that she can win her presidential bid, crush Fitz, and all will be right with the world.

If only it were that easy.



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