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Somebody go get Cyrus a cool beverage, and while you’re back there, pick one up for Fitz too. These dudes are so thirsty, they’re dehydrated.

On last night’s (Oct. 9) episode of Scandal Ms. Olivia Pope continued her reign as the head of command of …everything, while Quinn sat in the background wishing and waiting to be noticed.

Liv and her father are still doing that weird dance where you killed everybody and you have to keep lying to your daughter about it. Daddy Pope is cool as a cucumber though, there’s not much that could make him break. Even when Jake tried to turn it up just a little too much at dinner (more on that in the gallery), he didn’t even flare an eyebrow.

Mellie is coming back to life, and obsessed with some story about a lady maybe knocking her husband off a cliff. She’s getting her mojo back. Abby’s helping her.

Oh, and this other lady (an old friend of Liv’s ) slept with her daughter’s 17-year-old boyfriend and now the daughter is dead. And there’s a sex tape. How tragic.

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Photo: ABC screenshot

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