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What do you do when you’re married boyfriend is mistreating you and your fake boyfriend just wants to be saved? Call Huck and have him shut down B316.

On last night’s episode of Scandal Olivia Pope tried to slip into her mothers “I give no f*cks” way of thinking. It didn’t go over as smoothly as she probably hopeOlid (more on that in the gallery), but at least she tried.

First, President Fitzgerald Grant needs to go. Maybe he should just lose the race? Or maybe next week’s bomb situation will clear this whole thing up. Either way, dude needs to take fall all the way back.

Fitz is so jealous that Mellie has side work (see last week’s recap: Who Do You Love?), and he can’t keep his own side work in line. Juggling Olivia and Mellie is becoming harder by the day. It’s time that he walk away from them both.

Check for more highlights in the gallery.

Photos: Twitter/Instagram/ABC

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