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Talking too much often gets Wale in trouble (as you saw with the recent Complex Magazine fiasco), but he tends to make up for his antics in the booth. While speaking with Hot 97 about the temperamental rant, he revealed plans to deliver a gritty tune that we now know is called “Walk N’ Live.”

Here, Wale reiterates why he reacted to Complex omitting him from their list of the year’s 50 best albums. He also laid rumors of any beef between him and the Memphis legend he threw under the bus to rest.

“Question my temperament, cool, but not my competence/ Sent a text to Juicy J like dude that’s just my confidence/ But true I think that I’m the best and nevertheless you should too/ So on that note, I stand by comment; of course we still cool” spit the MMG rapper.

According to Rick Ross, Wale is preparing a new album for next year. Let’s hope more records like the DJ Relly Rell-produced “Walk N’ Live” appear on the project. Check out the track below.

Photo: YouTube