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It seems as if the stork must have been a Chicago Bulls fan back in day as its been confirmed that the 50-year-old Michael Jordan is expecting twins with his wife, Yvette Prieto.

In other words, that’s double the diaper duty.

Via TMZ:

Michael’s wife, Yvette Prieto, is pregnant, though we don’t know how far along. They were married in April.

Michael already has 3 kids — 2 boys and a girl. The kids are all in their 20s.

The people we’ve been speaking with in Jordan’s world are being super secretive/scared stiff. But we’re told so far … the pregnancy is progressing just fine.

Jordan and Prieto were just married this past April and it seems they’ve wasted no time in building a family. A family with kids that are actually his, that is.

With several pairs of various retro Air Jordans set to be re-released on the market this holiday season, it’s safe to say that the girl’s trust fund is nice and secure.

As far as that move to the WNBA, we’ll have 20 years of pondering for that.

Photo: WENN