Apparently, Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen (we guess that sounds better than “Popeye’s Chicken”) is serious business in Buffalo, New York. So much so that residents waited for three hours in line to buy food from a just opened Popeye’s outpost in the upstate city. 

Reports TWC News:

Buffalo, meet Popeye’s Chicken. Some transplants already familiar with the national chain swear it was worth the wait.

“Wouldn’t classify Popeye’s as fast food. It’s something else. It’s like a culture, a way of life, a cuisine I guess,” Buffalo resident Rob Fussell said.

But, even the owner didn’t expect this kind of reception. Drive-thru traffic lined up into the city’s busy Elmwood Avenue, Tuesday evening.

“We keep up. We’ve got enough food already for tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, so the truck is coming to bring the food,” Lal Sultanzada, the location’s owner, said.

According to WGRZ, it’s the first time in 20 years that the chain has had a store in Western New York.

Once again, the jokes do write themselves. Would you wait three hours in line for some fried chicken?

Photo: WGRZ

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