It seems that orange and maroon might the foolproof colors for 2020. After Beyoncé cemented that scheme into popular culture Hip-Hop’s favorite Louisiana Kitchen felt in a ways.

This makes all the sense in the world. The Migos is joining forces with Uber Eats and Popeyes for their own exclusive menu on the food delivery service app that will even include the insanely popular chicken sandwich.

Police have identified a man who made headlines after stabbing another man while waiting in line at Popeyes.

A white woman at a Tennessee Popeyes was bodyslammed by an employee after getting into an argument with staff and allegedly using the n-word. The bodyslam was caught on video and a 29-year-old man was arrested.


A little advice to racists: Donald Trump will not protect you from an ass whuppin’ and Popeyes still doesn’t have the security to protect you from one either.


Popeyes became part of fast-food history with the release of their now infamous chicken sandwhich, and though it’s led to all kinds of violence across the nation and even murder, the franchise has no plans on pulling the controlled substance from it’s menu anytime soon.

Ja Rule crawled out of whatever hole he’s been frog croak-crooning in to tell all you chicken-loving Blacks a thing or two about yourself. The veteran rapper and apparent race relations expert hopped on his soapbox this morning to slam all the fervor surrounding the Popeyes Chicken sandwich and Twitter gave Young Jeff the business […]

The return of the popular chicken sandwich from Popeyes has sparked a violent episode that turned fatal in a Washington, D.C. suburb. Police say a man was stabbed to death over an altercation at the fast-food restaurant involving the sandwich on Monday night (November 4).

When Popeyes announced back in August that the chicken sandwich “sold out,” fried chicken enthusiasts across the country scream fowl play. Over the weekend, the highly sought-after food item made its triumphant return, and as expected, people lost their damn minds.

Popeyes is taking the satisfaction of chicken hypebeasts to a new level. The slingers of the famed chicken sandwich that had social media abuzz this summer are staffing up in preparation for its return.

It was fun while it lasted. Popeyes lived long enough to see itself become the villain. The fast-food chain’s latest promotion for its chicken sandwich is drawing criticism because of how ridiculous it actually is.