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Source: ERIC BARADAT / Getty

A white woman at a Tennessee Popeyes was bodyslammed by an employee after getting into an argument with staff and allegedly using the n-word. The bodyslam was caught on video and a 29-year-old man was arrested.

KABC reports that the incident took place inside a Popeyes in the town of Columbia last week. According to witnesses, the 55-year-old woman was angry over a charge on her bill and got into with staff when she let the slur go. While one of the employees reportedly warned her that her language could have consequences, Deriance Hughes apparently followed the woman out of the store and proceeded to body slam her to the concrete.

The woman’s attorney says that the woman suffered broken ribs and a broken knee. Hughes was slapped with aggravated assault charges. This comes after a white man caught the universal beatdown inside a Popeyes for vigorously yelling the n-word five times in the restaurant that was full of Black people not having it.

Check out footage of the WWE-styled body slam outside the Tennessee Popeyes. We do warn that the image might be disturbing to some so proceed with caution.

Photo: Getty