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Album leaks are supposed to be the enemy of the music industry yet they somehow continues to happen (unless you’re Beyoncé, she doesn’t play those games.)

Yesterday Angel Haze leaked her Dirty Gold album, forcing Universal Republic to move up the official drop date from March 2014 to Dec. 30.

Whether Haze prematurely released her debut to get the label’s attention, or because she was sincerely frustrated with the delay, she’s far from the only rapper to do so.  In fact, it  happens so often that it’s hard to tell which artists are actually being authentic.

Going against a record label  until they cave has proved to be a winning tactic more than once (check out “Rage Against the Machine” story for more examples). Of course things get shaky when fans don’t actually support the leaked release, but that’s a whole other story.

Hit the gallery to see six rappers who threatened to leak their own music.

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