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Justin Bieber is doing all he can to earn a Hip-Hop validation ’round these parts.

After recently hopping on Sage The Gemini’s remix to the new west classic, “Gas Pedal,” and recruiting Chance The Rapper for his own “Confident,” he put the finishing touches on his Journals album and made sure to get lifted with Lil Wayne one good time.

As the album artwork suggests, the track’s vibe hones in on a spacey sound bed. The boy wonder builds his vocals up to the hook’s creshendo where alien vocals are inviting him and his muse to “stay in my backpack together.” Surprisingly enough, the song’s guest Martian delivers an incredibly focused and subdued verse instead of his usual antics.

Maybe he forgot his moonrock Mary Jane?

The Biebz’ Journals consists of his “Music Mondays” songs with a few extras to boot. It releases on iTunes tomorrow morning, December 23. In the meantime, hear what a school day in outer space sounds like in the stream below.

Photo: Twitter