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Snoop Dogg may be the most recognizable rapper alive and it seems like there’s never been a personality he couldn’t charm.

The 42-year-old artist who is currently up for a Grammy Award under his moniker Snoop Lion, recently attended the Kennedy Center Honors in the nation’s capital at its most notable builiding: The White House.

As a distinguished guest, you’ll receive distinguished company and Snoop was filmed in a brief but entertaining clip having casual conversation with the Secretary of State, John Kerry.

It’s not clear what the two executives were chatting about but body language speaks volumes. As their conversation concluded, Mr. Kerry proceeded to give Snoop a pound to which the Reincarnated MC looked visibly happy to return.

Shortly after, he posted the Instagram video stating, “Boss life. me n john kerry at d white house !!! #reincarnated #khc.” Not to be outdone, the third-highest ranking official in the country acknowledged the statement and retweeted him with his initials, “Between us we’ve sold 30 million-JK”

It may not be a cure for world hunger or even a bold stride in the legalization of marijuana (something Snoop would undoubtedly campaign for wholeheartedly) but it’s still a pretty cool movement to see the admiration Hip-Hop.

Peep the flip to see the video of the exchange as well as both men’s e-dap to each other.

Photo: Instagram

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