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The holidays can be grueling on any employee delivering gifts at alarming rates, but in today’s day and age, it’s always safe to assume that someone (or something) is watching.

A FedEx delivery driver in Maryland will be starting his New Year’s in the unemployment line for playing shotput with a few packages after being caught by a security camera on the house of one of his routes.

Reports MyFOXDC:

Twin sisters, Annabelle and Emily Moon, of Charles County, Md., are fans of the “American Girl” dolls, which have different sets of clothing available for them. The girls’ mom, Jackie Moon, ordered a new set of clothing for one of the dolls, and it arrived Thursday via FedEx.

The Moons have a camera-based home security system, which not only records video, but also emails the homeowner a snapshot when the motion sensors are triggered. The snapshot the Moon family received from the Thursday afternoon delivery certainly got their attention.

Nothing was broken, but Jackie Moon was horrified that any home-delivered package would be handled in such a manner.

After sending the incriminating evidence to the delivery service behemoth, the managers were reportedly “shocked” and handed the delivery guy his walking papers.

It looks bad on camera but if he had an inkling of experience, perhaps he already knew when to be delicate with certain items? Just a thought.

Have a look for yourself at the photos and video on the next pages and see if The Moons and FedEx could have lived with a disciplinary warning this time around.


Photo: FOX

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