Last week eBay and StockX announced that they’d be adding new fees to the sneakers sold on their websites and now eBay is making a new announcement as they’ve revealed that they will be partnering with FedEx for both shipping and authenticating purposes.


For a while now sneakerheads have been complaining that their sneaker orders have been disappearing whenever FedEx is tasked with delivering their grails. It seems like they’re finally being heard as the delivery service is taking a new step to ensure their customers get their footwear delivered.

The details of the shooting are still developing as investigators determine what exactly happened in the event.

Antonio Blackwell and another man say that while in Leesburg, Ga., the customer threatened violence against them after dropping off a package thus sparking an argument between them.

FedEx is itching to get canceled. Unlike other business like Delta Airlines, MetLife and Hertz, the delivery service is refusing to bow under pressure and cut its ties with the National Rifle Association. 

A FedEx driver is in stable condition after being shot on the job in Memphis Thursday (Dec. 18) afternoon. The victim was hit while driving an 18-wheeler truck for the delivery company.

Residents of Georgia’s Cobb County are praying that the term “going postal” hasn’t transcended over to FedEx after a package handler at the airport facility opened fire on his fellow crew members, hitting six of them, before apparently turning the gun on himself.

A nightmarish bus collision with a FedEx truck in northern California has claimed the lives of 10 people, including both drivers and several high school students.

The holidays can be grueling on any employee delivering gifts at alarming rates, but in today’s day and age, it’s always safe to assume that someone (or something) is watching.