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After four years, 50 Cent’s decision to involve one of Rick Ross’ baby mamas in his war games is still acting as a thorn as his side. As well as his pockets with all the lawyer fees.

During a feud in 2009 where the two rappers exchanged bars and barbs via social media, 50 Cent thought he found the trump card when a man approached the G-Unit CEO with an amateur tape that he and Lastonia Leviston created. She filed a suit citing “emotional distress” and the other usual damages associated with such bouts of embarrassment. 50–born Curtis Jackson–tried to get prevent the case from making it to a jury level only to crap out.

Reports NYDailyNews:

A Manhattan judge Thursday refused the rapper’s motion to dismiss the case.

In a sworn deposition, 50 Cent said that he altered the tape by injecting himself into it in a spontaneous, unrehearsed move where he played the role of “Pimpin Curly” to “mock” Ross.

Murray’s face was blurred but Leviston’s was not. She sued, claiming mental and emotional distress, after the edited video went online and got 3.2 million hits.

Jackson denied in his deposition that he was responsible for posting the video.

A judge said there was enough evidence for a jury to determine the merits of Leviston’s claims for mental and emotional distress.

Rick Ross is embroiled in so much courtroom drama that luckily for him, this doesn’t involve him. He dodged a bullet when it came to controversy over the use of his stage name only to turn around a point the gun at LMFAO for sampling his 2006 hit, “Hustlin’.”

The Notorious B.I.G.’s modus operandi still very much applies to this entire debacle. “Mo money, mo problems.”

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