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George Zimmerman ducked the law again when his girlfriend changed her initial November 2013 domestic violence claims and refused to press charges about a month later. Now footage of her interview with authorities have been released and she describes in great detail Zimmerman’s violent tendencies. 

Reports Gawker:

Throughout, the uncomfortable Scheibe explains in vivid detail Zimmerman’s frequent “episodes” of anger and fondness for handguns, shotguns, and a semiautomatic AR-15 rifle. She also exhibits some common characteristics of domestic abuse victims, qualifying and seeming to assume responsibility for some of the violence Zimmerman allegedly did to her—including choking her and threatening her with a Kel-Tec shotgun.

On the day of the mid-November incident, which started with Scheibe dumping Zimmerman and ended with him giving himself up to police, she told Seminole County Sheriff’s Deputy Stephen LaGuardia that Zimmerman got ragey while she moved his belongings outside her house. “He went to the rifle bag, unlocked it, immediately pulled out the first gun”—a Kel-Tec shotgun. “He pointed it at me for a second and said, ‘Do you really want to do this?’ because I’d told him that I was gonna call the cops.”

Then he smashed her coffee table with the butt of his shotgun.

Watch the footage for yourself below.

How’s that for the justice system?

Photo: YouTube