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If Hip-Hop had an official elder statesman, Bernard “Bun B” Freeman would arguably be the top choice without any second guessing. Let’s face it: a large chunk of the heroes of rap’s 1980s Golden Age never found their stride when new era production and digital files dominated the scene.

Bun, along with the late Chad “Pimp C” Butler burst out of the gate as UGK in 1992 but when his rhyming partner caught an iron timeout with the law, the trillest O.G. took it upon himself not only to carry the torch for the legacy they built together but to also show the younger generation that age only slows you down if you allow it.

With his respect already commanded in full, Off The Kuff decided to explore the possibilities of Bun B running the city for real as a mayoral candidate in 2015. It’s not a presumptuous notion, seeing that he was recently the first Hip-Hop talent to conduct the Houston Symphony but how does The Bun feel about it himself?

In an email to OTK, the rapper stated, “Too many skeletons in the closet, lol.” Not for nothing, “big pimpin'” goes on in political offices all the time. Bun would fit right in.

The cheeky political website was just suggesting the Port Arthur native run for the mayoral office but J. Cole took things a million steps further in 2010 when he created the loosie record, “Bun B For President.” It was a sentiment felt by many and the then-rookie had the gall to come out and say it.

The Trill O.G. still has a cool 365 days to make up his mind on running for office put there is no question who would receive the popular vote should he choose to go forward on the idea.

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