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Last night (January 8), Wiz Khalifa‘s uncle, Imani Porter, was shot in the head while sitting in a car in a Steak ‘n Shake parking lot at The Waterfront. Pittsburgh police are searching for at least a pair of suspects.

The circumstances surrounding the act of violence are unclear, but detectives say they found heroin inside of and near the car Porter, 20, was murdered in. The shooting happened around 8 pm. Medics hit the scene, and Porter was taken to UPMC Mercy Hospital, where he later died.

The Taylor Gang founder wrote a heartfelt message for his fallen loved one on Twitter. “Rest in peace Imani. Your with Allah now,” read the first tweet. Wiz followed up with, “My uncle was younger and more level headed than all of us. I would have never seen this happening in a million years,” before closing, “God has a plan #RestWithGodImani.”

According to reports, two men fled the seen on foot, and went further down Waterfront Drive, where a white Pontiac Bonneville was waiting. Many close to Porter were spoke with police Thursday morning.

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Photo: KDKA