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Surely no one thought Erykah Badu would sit back and be the face of Givenchy and keep coloring with vanilla crayons.

The sultry songstress–who always maintains a knack for unconventional methods of expression–posted her new hairdo on Twitter for the entire world to see. Think Kid ‘N Play with a bit of HGH injected in the middle.

“Im Faded…High,” she metaphorically stated.

Not one to skim out on all the details, she had her photographer snap pics of the back edge-up with the caption: “Pyramids and Vortices” as its dimensions did indeed resemble something out intergalactic outer space.

A keen eye could also spot a few “pointy a** rings” which RZA has made his trademarked look as well.

Although the free-spirited singer is nearly four years removed from her last studio output, it hasn’t stunted her popularity, as if her nearly one million Twitter followers weren’t indication enough. One of the leading avant-garde clothing lines in Givenchy recently knighted her as their leading model with the likelihood of them strengthening their brand amongst African-American females.

Venture on through the gallery to see the flicks of Ms. Badu’s stylish new look. Yep, she be killin’ them.

Photo: Twitter

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