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Last night’s New York Knicks win over the Miami Heat didn’t happen without a little comedic relief from film director and fan Spike Lee. The Do The Right Thing visionary has watched Knicks games from court side seats for years, but as of recent, his clothing choices have grown increasingly distracting.

Things came to a head yesterday, and, as always, the Internets left no slanderous stone unturned. Memes showing Lee donning a motherly posed while garbed in Knicks-colored apparel have been flooding Instagram and Twitter all morning, leaving tons of “lol” and emojis to follow.

Spike’s the homie; we hate it had to be him.

Hip-Hop Wired assembled a batch of the best images for your enjoyment. Find them in the gallery on the following pages, and be sure to speak on them accordingly in the comments.

Photo: Instagram

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