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The fact that Yelawolf is from the South is not lost upon anybody. The Alabama native proudly reflects a southern aesthetic with his vocal delivery and appearance, often appearing in overalls and farmer hats and referring to himself using the C-word.

So the initial thought of him posing with Confederate flag pictures isn’t one of racism; it’s more of him representing the culture that he grew up in.

Save for the fact that the Confederate flag was increasingly under scrunity in the media and public eye in 2013. Thanks to Kanye West using its likeness to promote memorabilia for Yeezus Tour.

It was a mental note Yelawolf was aware of when he posted a series of pics with him wearing the controversial emblem onto his Instagram account, yesterday January 9. “Whats in my airport security tray has changed a bit I’d say … Look Mamma No Hands !!! @slumerican .SLUMERICAN.MADE. Me do it … Lets hope Canada is as friendly to the Dixie flag as Kanye West is .. #crackersintoronto see ya soon baby @fefedobsonofficia,” he wrote in coherent gibberish.

Apparently the pressure was too insurmountable and he eventually took them down without a fight.

The Trunk Muzik star is currently finishing up his second studio album titled Love Story and he told a fan via Instagram that it’s his primary focus telling him, “you all have to take what you hear and what you believe and put then on a scale … If what you hear out weighs what you believe then I’m not the artist you need to follow … Many , many false and disturbing rumors follow my career .. It’s up to you as an individual to make up your own mind about who I am … Or who we are .. Thanx for the opportunity to be heard at any rate ..”

Keeping a level head in the situation is the best fit especially with his biggest critic Lord Jamar waiting for another chance to go on the attack.

Yelawolf since deleted the unintentional racist photoshoot but as you know, nothing ever disappears on the World Wide Web. Check the gallery for the pics.

H/T: VladTV

Photo: Instagram

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