Like Carmelo Anthony‘s boys in orange and blue, the Brooklyn Nets are reshaping the game of basketball to new heights of struggle in the New York state.

The former New Jersey ball club took their talents to the $4.9 billion arena and it hasn’t exactly paid off for them solely, as they sit at dismal 14-21 record.

However, the glitzy spectacle in downtown Brooklyn knew it would take more than an above-average NBA team to bring in the revenue. Their New York Islanders are set to represent the NHL under its roof in 2015 and any artist worth their measure in platinum has to perform there.

They also have little side additions to make the visit that much more enticing. Their latest?

A high-end barbershop.

NYDailyNews is reporting that GQ magazine has partnered up with Fellow Barber to allow men get suave for whatever the event may be. It’s a small but stylish two-chair additon to the Barclays Center.

Today, January 10 marks its opening day and before facing off against the defending champions Miami Heat, Nets star guard Deron Williams will sit in the chair for a cut as will boxer Victor Ortiz, who faces off in the arena on January 30 against Luis Collazo.

The prices range from $40 (haircut) $25 (fade) and $75 (shave and cut) so if your saving your greenbacks for the Barclays bar, you may want to hit your regular spot before arrival.

Still looks like a cool place to visit. Proceed to the gallery for the pics.

Photo: GQ/Philip Montgomery, Andrew Theodorakis/NYDailyNews

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