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Hip-Hop’s marketing capabilities is a phenom lost on no one, including the NBA who recently hosted a “Drake Night” in the rapper’s honor.

The Toronto Raptors utilized the platinum Grammy-Award winner’s celebrity status and for good reason. The team has been devoid of an all-star for several years and the additional attention could lead to star players wanting to play in Canada. Maybe.

It was a precedence set by the most unlikely team but everything doesn’t have to be a rat race. Other teams should follow suit.

Basketball and Hip-Hop’s similarities are nothing short of fraternal and there are a host of franchises that could, should and most likely follow the Raptors’ lead.

Here’s a list of all 18 NBA teams that fit the format. Best believe you can add Macklemore to the list whenever the Seattle Supersonics decide to resurrect.

Photo: Instagram

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