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Yesterday, January 12, the New England Patriots recently put a serious Playoff hurtin’ on Andrew Luck’s Indianapolis Colts by a score of 43-22. When it came time to head back to the locker room to celebrate and give post-game interviews, they were greeted by the unlikeliest of celebrity visitors.

Hall of Fame NBA player and current analyst Charles Barkley.

Always the fun-loving and sarcastic pundit, Barkley stole the spotlight from the winning team and even told reporter Bill Vonlin and the media on hand, “When Bill Belichick and Tom Brady leave, y’all team is going to f****** suck.”

Not to say it isn’t true but Chuck has made it his M.O. to speak behind the microphone without any regard for chill. This is the same guy who gives his real life friend Dwyane Wade public ridicule for his choice of fashion on national television, so no one should expect anything less.

The proud Auburn-alum interrupted fellow Tiger, Dont’€™a Hightower’s interview to tease him about Auburn’s recent fail in the NCAA Championship game and photobombed Agib Talib Instagram-ops as well.

All in all, the move was in good sport, regardless of what ball he knows best. Check through the gallery for pics of Barkley’s post-game shenanigans.

Photo: Instagram, Twitter

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