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Drake is continuing his wave of success as one of the hottest new MCs in recent years even before the release of his debut album.

The Young Money affiliate has landed a new endorsement deal and will participate in a global ad campaign for Sprite.

Titled ‘Spark’ the global campaign will feature artists from around the world for an online venture that allows users to make their own music using clips from some of Drake’s biggest hits and remixing them with music from artists around the world.

The first TV commercial for Spark made its television debut during the Superbowl.

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It features Drizzy inside a studio struggling to find inspiration while recording his song “Forever.” Drake drinks a Sprite, unleashing his lyrical prowess and completes the verse for the hit song. Longtime friends and collaborators of Drake’s, producer 40 and Boy Wonder are featured in the ad as well.

The commercial is especially innovative because it uses extensive animatronics to create one-of kind special effects.

Speaking on the commercial’s special effects, Drake released a statement saying,

“The animatronics model is cool because it’s an exploded version of me that shows all the components of who I am and the things that inspire my music. After I drink a Sprite, the model reassembles, leaving me completely focused to deliver the perfect take.”

If you missed it when it debuted Superbowl Sunday, check out Drake’s commercial  below.