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In 1989, the Beastie Boys released their second studio album Paul’s Boutique which went on to achieve much success and critical acclaim. The album cover to the storied record also garnered a bit of significance over the years for being a simple shot of the corner of Ludlow and Rivington in their Lower East Side neighborhood.

LeRoy McCarthy is a Hip-Hop fan and he feels like the block should be named after the legendary trio who were one of the culture’s first superstars. Too bad his local Community Board 3 doesn’t exactly agree with him. The committee’s chairman, David Crane doesn’t feel like the guidelines have been met for their group’s namesake to be immortalized once and for all.

Reports: DN

The board debated for more than 90 minutes whether the Beastie Boys met its guidelines to support a co-naming. These guidelines include demonstrating at least 15 years of community involvement and support of residents directly surrounding the co-naming site.

He said regardless of community support, he did not believe the Beastie Boys had adequately contributed enough to the neighborhood to warrant the honor.

“My opinion is clear,” Crane said. “I don’t think it meets the objectives.”

The Beastie Boys had a Brooklyn park renamed after them last May so Crane’s disapproval appears to be a bit deep-rooted. McCarthy also needing at least 150 signatures to get the proposal considered. He showed up with 26.

The proposal does however meet the other criteria requirements of having a deceased citizen to be honored as Adam “MCA” Yauch lost his battle to cancer in 2013. Jam Master Jay’s murder also allowed Run-DMC to earn a Queens street name in 2009.

It’s an uphill battle but McCarthy seems determined. Check the gallery for pics of him going toe-to-toe with CB3.

Photo: DN, Helayne Seidman, Bowery Boogie, Amazon

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